Weird throttle response (help!)

08 rmz 250f.


Have had it a few months, probably 10 rides in so far this year, it has been flawless up until now.


Today, I was riding pretty hard, it was 92 or so degrees out. Crashed coming in too hot on a berm first lap, nothing major at all. Not sure if this is attributed to my issue, but may as well reference it.


All day of riding, my throttle response seemed bogged down. I would say the best way to describe it is as if in 3rd gear it almost feels like i'm in 4th. The power is there after a bit but for example, on a step on step off on the track, on the landing wasnt really giving me the umph I needed. Needless to say today i ended up going over my bars and am in a little pain this evening :foul:


When I rode up to the trailer, I left my bike on for a minute while i grabbed a drink, and noticed gas was coming out of the overflow hose (what's it actually called?) at a pretty fast rate.  Could this be as easy as when I crashed my float in the carb is funky or stuck? or is this a valve issue? Bike starts first kick, have had 0 loss of power, seems like some sort of fuel problem. could be wrong!


Thanks in advance!

Pull the float cover, remove all the residue you sucked up while your bike was running laying the dirt, clean the pilot jet, re set your floats.

Then next time your take the tank off, pull up the two breather hoses from the carb and put filters on them.

You should really.....

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