One way valve

I did an oil change today found alot of metal shavings so I dug deeper took off the stator cover found a massive piece of metal magnetically stuck to the stator to me it looks like the flap of the one way valve between the two case halves has anyone had this happen to them before? Anyone have one kicking around from a 2006 crf 250r and can take all kinds of measurements so I can compare it to the piece I found and how bad is it to run without that part?

Happened on my 11 and still like like today , my mech told me that it's just gonna let more oil into your breather tubes from the crankcase vent and to drain it often ? I'm not splitting cases for a 10 dollor part ! Are you gettin some blowby and excess oil in breather tube? Are you using a little oil between rides ?

Im not really riding yet im still trying to get the bike running right after a rebuild

Hello, the same thing has happened to my 09 crf 250.. Did you just carry on running it without the one way valve?

I understand it must be there for a reason, but we have a few other things to test on the bike so wanted to ride it this Friday then split it next week and replace the valve.

How did you get on with yours?

Cheers, Jack.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1403636855.173546.jpg

had it happen to a buddies 09 and made it run like crap because it was affecting the stators ability to created spark. I split the cases and replaced it, it only took me a few hours. Ive done plenty of bottom ends now though.

Thanks for the reply! We decided not to run it, but to strip it today and replace that valve.. Did you get the part from a honda dealer? Or...

Hopefully it won't take long to get the part and I can be back on it next weekend :D

I ordered it from Rocky Mountain.

I had this happen to me on my 11..shorted my stator and when it hit the crank it chewed the shit out of my cases where in close tolerance to the crank webs

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