Weird 2000 YZ 125 carb issue

So im finishing up my project bike and there is something i have never seen with a dirt bike carb. It will not start just by putting gas in, I would have to tip it over until the gas drains out the top two overflow hoses. Or i could blow in to one of the top hoses to get gas to come out the other hose. Im thinking its float height but I'm not good with carburetors. By the way I have to do this every time i start the bike.

i had a 95 that would not start after a week unless i did what you describe, i was never able to figure out the cause. wrote it off as gas age sensitive back then and didn't worry about it

Its becoming very annoying. Im used to all my bikes starting first kick. I also forgot to mention that it will start by bump starting. It seems like its not sucking enough to get the gas. When i was putting the bottom end back together i noticed the kick starter doesn't turn anything until 65% of the way down which seems like a bad design but maybe they did it on purpose.

i would spray some carb cleaner through the choke passage and also check the float level, i would replace or clean the idle jet also

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I should have mentioned i replaced all jets and cleaned it soaked some sea foam. So its very clean.

you could try raising the float level a bit and see if that helps.

How do i actually raise the level of it is there a special tool?

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