newbie to the KTM 300 exc

I just traded for a 2001 KTM 300 exc. It feels like it will not rev to get in the pipe. Im not sure what jetting is in it, I will check that tomorrow . Does anyone have any suggestions on were it should be Im about 1000 ft above sea level, novice trail rider and will ride lugging the motor on single track and hills mostly. Any other ideas on things to check. It has a new top end with low hours on it. Thanks for your help in advance. 

could be jetting, dirty carb or the power valve not opening correctly? any more info on the problem would be helpful like how the bike runs otherwise?

there is an extensive 300 jetting thread here in this forum

Ive about got it right now. Im running a 168 main 40 pilot and the clip in the top clip on a stock needle. I ordered the necj needle today and a 35 pilot and 165 main. Ive got it close but Im going to play with it. Im at about 1000 ft above sea level and will lug it around more than running it hard. 

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