Wr400f doesn't like rain


So I have a 2000 model WR400f, that I use on the street.

It has this problem where if it gets rained on, it runs terrible until the bike dries out. It seems as though something electric is being shorted as the bike behaves as if it has very weak spark. It will backfire a lot and won't want to idle. I have to keep feeding throttle and the bike becomes like a bucking bull.

I'm wondering I anyone else has had this issue before and can point me at anything specific, before I pull apart everything ignition related to trouble shoot.


It's a maintenance issue

You have to pull the plastics and clean and dielectric grease all the wire harness connections

So, how will putting goop inside a sealed and glanded connector help?

I changed the kill switch for a honda style one with a rubber boo tie. Seems to have resolved the problem for now

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