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READ: If Your Post is Gone...

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...It's because you placed it in the wrong forum.  Matters involving repairs, troubleshooting, maintenance, adjustments, etc., or even most common modifications of a specific motorcycle model should be placed in one of the forums found here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/120-make-model-specific/


If your post turns up missing, open your user profile and look under "My Content".  That will show you where it went.  Up to this point, I have been notifying users of the moves, but due to the number of misplaced posts, that task has become too large to keep up with.


Topics are misplaced here more than any other forum.  The Engineering and Technology forum is for matters that generally revolve around new or advanced technologies, their implementation, and the engineering principles involved in them as well as in the operation of engines, transmissions, and chassis components,  NOT what piston or pipe to use, how to get your bike started, stuff like that.  The correct way to pursue repair procedures in general, such as how and why to properly hone a cylinder or cut valve seats, or questions involving high level modifications like porting is also OK.


If you ask a specific repair question without providing information as to the make, model, and year, the post will be moved to the General Discussion forum, or simply be removed.





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