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Did a search but couldn't find much

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I'm trying to get everything I need for a fork & shock rebuild. The bike is an '07 KX450F & being the first time I'm going to do this my first issue is I don't know all the parts I'll be needing. For the stuff I do know, I need to find out where can I buy KYB OEM fork bushings, o-rings, & a shock rebuild kit (OEM I guess unless there's something better). I also heard about a low friction shock piston band which I'd like to find out where to get. Are there any other upgrades I can do to it besides SKF fork seals?. Another issue is my suspension calls for 3 wt oil in the fork inner chamber & 5 wt for the outer but when I search to order, it specifies KYB 01M so I don't know what weight is that. For the shock my setup calls for 3 wt but when ordering is showing KYB k2C. Any help you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated.



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