"00 426 clutch problems - Please help

My cousin has a "00 426 and recently started having problem with an increasingly difficult clutch pull.

I cleaned and lubed the cable very well and the cable action is perfect "not the problem".

It did help lossen the pull up a little, but it is still not where it should be. What do you think may be going on with the clutch clutch plate, spring, lubrication problem, etc. and what possible fixes to make the best clutch pull.

He has got a hinson basket in there, or there any other products that may help his problem.


Pull the pressure plate and check the actuation rod and then pull the clutch lever to see if it still binds. If it does, your problem is in the input lever on the shifter side of the engine. I dont know what could cause this other than the essentric that operates the push rod being damaged. Good luck

If your positive the cables not the problem,(i.e.-frayed cable), check and make sure it isnt routed wrong. A sharp bend can cause this problem, you'd be surprised how little of a bend can make alot of difference. Another guess, did the clutch pull get worse after the Basket upgrade? If so, have him check the internals carefully to mach sure nothing is out of place. Good luck and I hope I helped a little.

I read where you said the cable was not the problem but I wouldnt be so sure unless I replaced the cable and the housing.

If the cable is rusted on the inside and/or the housing is grooved internally, all the lube in the world will not help.

Dave S

I disconected the cable from both ends and manually worked the cable action. There did not appear to be any problem with the action.

The problem seemed to come on during a pretty severe mud ride where the bike was not visably "blue" pretty muddy. That would be why the first thought was the cable.

The pull is still tough, but not nearly what it was. It was so bad, one hard could hardly make the pull. It is now back to just a heavy pull.

No, on the replaced basket. This Mod was done before the bike was purchased (bought used in perfect shape).


This may or may not help, but it worked for me when I installed a new basket. The actuating arm that goes into the case wasn't greased from the factory. As I reassembled everything, I cleaned the cloth-type wiper on this arm and lightly greased the shaft where it pivots inside the case. Then, I used a new Motion Pro T2 cable to finish the installation. My clutch pull is nice and smooth and quite easy. Also, as part of my maintenance routine, I clean and re-grease the perch lever pivot often. It gets dirty rather quickly.

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