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Lt80 jetting help. Previous owner put in a 102.5!

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Have a 98 lt80. It doesnt seem to want to run without the choke. Pulled the carb and checked the piolet and its clear and checked the main and its clear. Sprayed the carb out good and im getting ready to put it back together. The needle clip is in the top spot. Should i drop it back to the stock 92.5 with the needle clip in the second position? Its about an hour and a half round trip to the parts store. The quad is stock to my knowledge but i did just pull the drive gear for the oil pump to run premix and removed 2 rollers from the clutch.

Edit: wanted to add that the air fuel screw is about one turn out

Edit 2: cleaned out the pilot and put needle clip in 2nd position and now she runs great. Left the 102.5 main in as i did the oil delete. Gonna do a chop test and take an extra plug when we go riding and see where shes at

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