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2012 CRF250R Problems, help!

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Yesterday at the motocross track on a straight i was in 4th gear and all of the sudden it felt like someone pulled in the clutch for a second and then just let go. Then when the power comes back it jerks but stays in 4th.

It's NOT me mis shifting, hitting it in neutral (It stays in the same gear), or me accidentally pulling the clutch. 

Going into a turn in 3rd, shifting into 4th after being in 4th halfway through the straightaway it looses power revs up high just like the clutch is engaged then after a couple seconds jerks back, staying in the same gear. Just like nothing happened.

I'm lost! it seems to only happen in 4th which makes me think its something with the transmission, and just that gear? and not the clutch, because it doesn't happen in low gears only in 4th, and the clutch seems fine.

Any help is much appreciated! Especially since i have a race this weekend....

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