Most economical way to ride?

I'd like to hear some opinions. Is it better to lug the bike around the trails. Staying low in the rpms or keeping it high In the revs. Shifting a lot.

Staying down a gear your using usually only half the throttle. But higher in revs

Lugging around usually using full range of throttle. Third gear all day long

These 450 s have so much all around power it's easy to be lazy and stay in one gear all day

Im used to a 2T 250. Always shifting and working to stay in power.

Also when pulling a higher gear from a slow roll there is a lot of chatter. Hopefully just chain slap but is it also some kind of valve chatter that is hurting the bike. My riding buddies with 450s say they make a lot of clatter. Not to worry

Got 20 hrs on the new wr still haven't checked valves. My bad.

Love to hear from ya


The amount of throttle opening, rather than rev's is biggest influence on mpg


Large throttle openings at low rev's in high gears will make the final drive drive clatter

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It doesn't really matter.

Staying in the most efficient part of the power is what the motor is designed for. 

Going below or above that is harder on the motor.


You are thinking too much.........

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