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2001 XR80 parts compatibility

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hey guys, i'm trying to swap out the forks and front wheel on my 2001 XR80 for inverted forks (motocross style forks) so that i can run a regular hydraulic brake instead of the cheesy drum brakes that come with these older bikes. 

i'm also looking to swap out the rear swing arm and wheel so i can make the swap to hydrualic brakes on the rear as well. 

I have heard rumors of the older CR80 or CR85 parts being able to bolt right up without any modification but dont want to spend my hard earned $$$ on parts without knowing for certain. 


basically my 13 year old boy outgrew the XR80 and is now moving up to an XR100 or bigger bike...but i dont want to get rid of the 80 and figured we could turn it into a supermoto bike for my boy to ride on an asphalt track. 

so eventually i will be looking for street tires (and maybe smaller wheels) along with making the engine stronger/faster so he can race it on pavement. 



thanks in advance. 



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I looked into this as well. My research says it can be very expensive and a big project. Some claim that it would be easier to put the XR motor into a different frame, such as the CR80/85. You can find rollers with blown/missing engines for a reasonable price. Here are a couple links to address longer travel suspension and disc brakes.






This one has some info on the swap





This will get you started. I've read that you have to buy a custom machined steering stem to make it work, and that only certain years of the CR80 forks work the best. It snowballs from there. There appear to be quite a few write ups on similar builds. If you type in cr85/xr80 conversion (or cr80/xr80 conversion) in a Google search, it will give you a bunch of info to read through. Good luck.

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