wr450 ignition switch

Hi all ive a wr450 and there a problem with ignition switch...i put it on and bike fires but wont start..then the light on the swith will come on and it starts...bud if the light doeasnt show up it just turns over without starting...its a bloody headache...can i bypass tge ignition switch so its on all the time...looked for a new switch but tgere all in the us..and im in scotland...any help would be great thanks

I doubt that it's the switch.  You need to pull apart every electrical connection and see if you find anything corroded or wet.   You could cut the wires to the switch and connect the red and brown, they turn on the power.  The other 2 are for the red light, don't connect them together.  

Thanks for tge reply flyandride...its very strange indeed..it will fire with switch on..but it wont start..when tge red light comes on it starts...what the hell is going on??

Found tge problem..brocken wire on the plug cap...thank god it sorted

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