01 426 replacement crankshaft assembly

Well guys it looks like my friends 01 yz 426 will need the crankshaft assembly and crank bearings replaced. What would you recommend for this replacement. OEM Yamaha or something aftermarket? This bike will be just trails no racing. 

The best available is OEM, and as far as the crank bearings, no one else will have them.   Hot Rods cranks are a good quality replacement for a bit less money.  Avoid Wiseco for now.  They have been made in China and have had a considerable amount of quality problems.  I understand they are changing vendors/sources, but I don't know how many old ones are still in the system, or what the new ones will be like.

Ok sounds good, thanks for the help!

Your only option for a full replacement crankshaft on a 426 is OEM. You could probably have the old crankshaft rebuilt but don't bother with aftermarket for rods or bearings, go OEM.

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