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Suspension clicker recommendations / suggestions (what are you running)

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I picked up a 2009 KX250F for my son to race (he's switching from a 2005 CRF250R) He's 165-170lbs with gear. He's now a very fast beginner maybe a solid novice.


The bike is stock, suspension wise. We've set sag to 100mm.  ***EDIT!!!*** I suck with metric measurements. :facepalm: Seems the sag was set to just barely 50mm. I just finished setting it to the real 100mm. But even then, I am not sure that putting it into the 100mm sag range will help the side-to-side hopping?


The forks -seem- ok but may  be affecting the overall situation,

We practiced on a sand track yesterday with lots of table tops and doubles. No bad kicker lips though. Deep sand braking and accel bumps and a long undulation rhythm section.

I was noticing a weird bucking he would get into coming into series of small whoops and I think is was under hard acceleration, and even coming off the tables he would get kicked sideways. I couldn't catch all of the situations but the bucking side-to-side was strange. I never saw his (stock suspension) 05 CRF250R do that on the same track)

My guess is that the rear end is packing down?


We will be racing that same track tomorrow (sat.) and was hoping to see if I could eliminate the side to side business.


Fork settings as follows:

Fork tube height above triple clamp: (Just the gold part of the tube, not including the cap) is 0.274" aka 7mm.

Stock springs

Compression: 9 clicks out from fully closed.

Rebound: 14 clicks out from fully closed.

Oil amount: 335cc 7 wt.


Shock settings as follows:

Stock spring

Low Speed Compression 9 clicks out from fully closed

High Speed Compression 1-3/4 turns out from fully closed

Rebound 12 clicks out from fully closed


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

20140507_203024_HD-M (Large).jpg

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