Need help/ advice on backfiring and flames and lots of smoking out of tail pipe

My 07yz450f I have just bought from a friend and it has been sitting for about a year he busted the water pump and there it sat so I put a new waterpump cover on it and a new plug and fired her up and it is smoking really bad and when I rev it up it almost seems like it governs out and it puts flames out the exaust I pulled the carb off and it didn't look like any dirt or anything was in the jets but I have not put it all back togther to see if it fixed it dose anyone have any other ideas or tips for me and how many turns is suggested for the needle jet and any other advice on how to set my other jets or on cleaning the carb would be much appriciated and also I took the throtle apart on the handle bars and there is two cables what dose each cable do my thoratle now sticks but dose not if I just hook one cable back up can I get away with that or do I need both hooked back up thanks guys

No offense, but that was hard to read. Check out the common threads. Alot of that is covered there.

Yea I was a rambling foo haha

Make sure the carb vents are clean.  The float wont work right if they are plugged.  It will run rich, like what you are describing.  Sitting that long it is a good possibility.

Pulled the carb and cleaned the heck outa it problem solved she's running like a raped ape this is my first four storms couldn't believe how much work to just yard the carb off haha come on I have to pull the shock lol thanks guys!!!

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