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Dialing in pmh38 settings on 400 sxc lc4

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Ok, when I bought the bike (1999 black lc4) she started and ran great, after a winter of standing I decided to clean & rebuild the carb with new needle, needle jet, main and idle jets as on my first run she was very hard to start hot. As well as this I've replaced the air filter and bought the missing lid for the airbox so she's standard again.

Now, she starts fine and I've used a colourtune (glass sparkug) to dial in the idle to 1/2t out...for this reason I'm dropping from a 50 to a 46 idle (waiting for in the post) but when you crack open the throttle fully at any rpm she pops an orange flame and a puff of black smoke before picking up.

Is this an accelerator pump adjustment issue or more likely related to the idle jet? (I know I'm only 1/2 t out but that gives me easiest starting & best idle).

Float height is ok and I've just done the valve clearances to rule that out.

Any input would be appreciated, it's starting to make my brain boil!

Many thanks

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