2002 cdi box

I just got my 02 cdi box from work. I didnt get a chance to put it on yet but am looking forward to it. all the wires are the same as my 01 so maybe this weekend im going to give it a shot.

What are the improvements over the 01's cdi supposed to be? How much was it? And, after you put it on, was it worth it?


are you sure the wires are the same?i tried to put an 02 cdi on my 01 426 but the kill switch wire was different,well the connector was anyways.

dsp , your right the wires are the same color but not in the same places. the guy i work with thinks i can remove the wires they just click into the end of the plug, but im not goin to take the chance. i guess i have to get the 01 box. im pretty sure thats whats wrong with the bike. smp i work at a yamaha dealer i only pay dealer cost on my stuff i have no idea how much retail is on the box. sorry i could find out though, i thinks its like 240.00 or something.

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