2007 WR 450 Cam Chain Tensioner

I have been hunting for an oil leak on my bike and noticed today that the Cam Chain Tensioner is in the wrong way. The label that says UP is facing down. Do you think this would be causing some oil leakage? Is it as easy as unbolting it, flip it over and refastening? Just hoping to have this fixed tomorrow morning. Cheers

Yes, unbolt it and then turn it around. You will need to wind it up with a small flat head screw driver bolt it on then release the tension.

What are the steps I need to take to remove it? There isn't any way that I will mess up the timing, right?

No you will not mess the timing up just be sure to take the 10mm bolt out and use a small flat head screwdriver to twist the tensioner to the left I believe this will release the tension unbolt the tensioner check the gasket if its good flip it over and reinstall twist tensioner back to right until its very snug and reinstall 10mm bolt with copper washer

Think your suppose to do it while it's on top dead center. Get a shop manual or download one.

I've put mine on upside down and ridden it and it caused no problem.   I don't think it would cause a leak unless the gasket or washer was bad or not torqued correctly.   If you're looking for a leak, wash the bike good and then run it for a while.  

Took it off and the gasket was ripped. There screw with the copper washer was also not on the right side. Pretty sure oil was leaky out the hole. All good now.

Awesome good to hear

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