2014 bending kick lever, help!

Guys, I'm on my 3rd kicker. The original kicker tweaked about 5 hours in with the footrest part sticking out almost an inch when it was in it's tucked in. Same thing has happened two more times since then, using kickers from the '13 models.

Now the cause in my opinion, is because it is so close to the mid pipe that it is weakening the aluminum kicker and when you go to kick and kick it just ends up tweaking it.

So is anyone else having this issue, and if so, is anyone doing anything to fix it?

So you think heat from the mid pipe is weakening the lever?  I can't see that happening.  I have and 11 and a 5'2" 110# girl started my bike last weekend.  All of my YZ450's started really easy and I have a friend with a 14 and it starts the same as mine.  You really don't have to kick them hard at all.  Just push it through the stroke quickly.  If you are getting enough resistance to bend the lever I would look to the decompression system not working properly.

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