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Hello-Im 14 (5'8 140lbs) and ride a 2003 wr250f with pipe and jets. I like it, but its an f'ing PIG. I cant lean into Corners well at all, and I get arm pump very easily. Also, im worried about what might happen if and When it needs motor work.

I got to ride my friends yz250 today and I loved it, but it was WAY too stiff (my friend is 210 and his bike is set up for mx) I had no problem handling it power-wise and I consider it a viable option.

But, a 125 2t would be even more flickable and fun, plus id have $ left over after selling my wr. BUT, its less torque then my wr ans WAY less power than a 250t.

So, shluld I stick it out with the wr for this season, go for a 125, or 250t? I ride mostly whooped out sandpits and woods, but nothing tight or technical.

Ps-sorry about thr typos, I wrotr this on my phone

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