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RM125 Refuses To Be Identified

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New member here, and my first post ever, on any kind of forum.  :blush:  

I'm stationed overseas in Japan and happened upon a RM125 in a storage area which according to the building admin, has been sitting in it's exact spot for over 2 years, and said I could have it. Compression checked out well, it has a few goodies like Excel rims and it's a surprisingly solid bike aside from missing handlebars and a few other things. 

However, I can't really work on it or order parts unless I figure out what year the bike is. VIN number shows "JS1RF16A000502165." 10th digit is supposed to be the year, but it's a zero, which says nothing. At https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/special-pages/bigfooter/suzuki/model-prefix.aspx ,"RF16A" narrows it down to 2001-2008 model years, but when I look at engine rebuild kits, MFG part numbers change between the years a couple times, so I still can't order something in good confidence. 


I checked behind the kickstarter but can't find anything on the engine besides "H 5LHJ" cast into the aft section of the head. Google brings up a grand total of 4 results with that info, none of which is relevant. 

I'm at my wits end trying to figure out this things model year. :excuseme:  Anyone know any other ways/marks to identify this bike? 

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