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09 CRF 230L, emission removal exhaust upgrade

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Hi all,


Just thought I would post a quick note on my results of some modes on my 230L.


I used the XR's Only kit to pull all of the  emission parts. Great kit, instructions good, with one exception, no need to retain any of the plastic "T"s. When you are all done removing all of the hoses, just run a hose from the right side of the carb around to the left side and connect to the fitting on the intake boot. I also removed the very restrictive exhaust tip an put on an aluminum tip off E- Bay, $34.


This is an excellent mod. The bike has a noticeable increase in torque. It pulls much better through the entire RPM range. Also, the cold start problems are eliminated. Choke it half, start it, run for 15 seconds, then off with the choke. Before the carb needle mod, I was having to leave the choke on 1/4 for 5 minutes into the ride, then I could finally turn it off. Also, lean surge at light throttle is gone.


The reason I am writing this is because I have seen contradicting threads as to results with the kit. So, I wanted to share my results, hoping it would be helpful to anyone considering the mod.


I had planned on re-jetting the carb and adding an FMF power bomb and silencer, but now really question how much performance that will add to the bike, given the cost of  the parts. So far, no issues with the catalytic converter in the head pipe. I was going to cut the pipe, remove the cat and weld it up. So far, the cat does not appear to be an issue. As the bike is running cooler, with the extra fuel, I do not expect it to burn it out.


Hope this helps, if anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate.

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