98 and 99 400f Differences????

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the differences between the 98 and 99 400s. I am wondering if the swingarms and linkage are the same. As well as any other changes as far as interchangeability. I have the opportunity to trade a friend any parts I want off of his 99, for my 98 before he sells it. Thanks Jim

swingarm linkage is same,but 99 has different rear hub axlebolt is bigger.

99 has stronger clutch basket.

I have to disagree with the statement about the swingarm. If you campare the linkage pivot point in the swingarm of the 98, it is in the center. In the 99, it was moved lower. Yamaha of Troy has a great parts finder / drawings on their web page. You can check there for addtional info !! Good luck !!

I'm pretty sure the swingarm linkage is different.

I have a pivot works kit for a 98 swingarm and it has a different part number than the 99 version.

I'm pretty sure the shock linkage is the same though.

he was asking if parts are interchangable not identical.swingarm linkage is interchangable[i know because i put 99 on my 98]

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