Has anybody put the snap FMF in their 2012

I would like to know if it works

It works:

It effectively makes the throttle body slightly smaller, speeding up the airflow and giving you more power with less throttle

It does not increase overall power.

Is it worth the money

No, build your own, it's pretty easy

I'm not 100% sure if it works by "smoothing out airflow" (i.e turbulence) or like Koolaid said, by effectively reducing the size of the intake, but either way, increasing intake velocity by either means is a way to increase low end response but will not increase overall power. The increase in velocity will help with part throttle and low-mid response as a way to flow more air below the high rpm/ WOT range, where the only thing that will make more power is increasing outright flow (CFM).

I'd play with EFI mapping to get that desired response, or try an make your own as Zotis said before shelling out that kinda $$$. I've been trying to work on wet weather maps to smooth out the bottom as my bike is super responsive off the bottom as it is.

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