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Torque specs for handlebar bolts

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I replaced the rubber mounts on my 2011 DRZ400SM with zeta rubber killers.  My clymer is ambiguous about what "handlebar bolts" means.


I want to know the torque specs for these two fasteners (A) and (B )
In this diagram, it appears the right side is for SM models.  As for as I can tell, (A) is in the top right as (1) "Handlebar holder bolt", (B ) is (9) "Nut"
I'm already a little confused, because it labels (1) going through (2) "Handlebar holder cap" and fastening to (3) "Handlebar holder".  And also, another longer (1) going through (3) fastening to (9).  So there are two types of "Handlebar holder bolt".
In the text, it says "loosen the lower holder bolts", and then "tighten the bolts ... to 33 ft-lb) on SM models".  In this case, which bolts it the text referring to?  I would assume it meant (9), but it goes on to reference "the bolts" in (A, Figure 1) pointing at (1).
In the torque specs section, it simply references "handlebar holder bolts" at 33 ft-lb for SM models, 3rd line from the bottom.
My worry is that I'm over-torquing (A) (which are tiny 10mm bolts) with what seems like a ton of force.  Any advice?  I'm new at this, and I just want to be sure.
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A   8M  17 ft lb

B  10M  33 ft lb


Bolts are sized by the diameter of the thread and shank not the head.  If the bolt is a shoulder bolt (large shank), then it is just the thread size.  Torque is based on the thread size and the bolt strength and the application.  The above toques are a bit on the high side. I would consider them max torque.  25% less would be fine.  By feel 8M good and snug. 10M good and tight.

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