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Bogged and will not restart

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So I was riding my 250r that I picked up yesterday. The previous owner had apparently left fuel in the carb for a full season without riding. It was running decently a little bit boggy, but overall still pretty good. I rode for probably 20-30 minutes when I cracked the throttle from about

1/4-->full. The bike bogged really bad and shut off. I tried bumping and kicking for like an hour but it won't start. They guys I was riding with said that I need to clean my carb and put in a new plug because I probably stirred up ethanol deposits and then burnt them thus fouling the plug. I'm just worried that it won't start at all. There was no weird noises or anything when it died. It just bogged like a rich two stroke. Any ideas? This is my first four stroke race bike. It's a 2005.

Save the two stroke.

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