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The other day my friend gave me all his old magazines (not those ones....)  dirt bike and moto-cross.  So I have been reading year old reviews.  My question- the one mag calls the Excel Takasago rims on the KTM's junk.... not just once but every time they review a KTM, except the ones that come with Giant.  They were really ripping on them and saying not to tighten the rim lock tight or it gives you a flat spot.  Then I read reviews on Yamaha's that also have the Excel Takasago and they never even mentioned them.  I've had a YZ that had them and they held up great, and my WR 450 has them and no problems yet.  I know that there are different levels of excel, but are there different levels of the Takasago?  Or is it just the fact that the ones have the misfortune of having to be mounted to a KTM suspension and it dooms them?

I think it comes down to the complete subjectivity of the writers. I've seen this also in Motocross Action and couldn't figure it out either. Pretty much everything comes with Excel Takasago wheels I think. Maybe the magazine people want A60s or DIDs or something, but unless they're breaking or bending wheels in the tests, I don't see why they mention it so often, even if they do get paid to complain about stuff.

Here's the thing:

After the Tsunami, Tagasago had to use multiple vendors to fill orders.  One of the Vendors they went to was GIANT.

KTM bought the cheapest version that they had to offer, which Say 'EXCEL' on them, but are really built by GIANT in Taiwan, and they aren't  the same as what comes on the Japanese bikes.


Your WR rims are the real thing.

Excels (by Takasago) are the standard for off road motorcycle rims. I've seen KTM frames crack before the Excels it came with did. Everyday across this planet there are Excels in use from weekend warriors, to SuperMoto and flat track, Supercross and Arenacross, and all forms of off road racing. I've built (actually had them but for me) wheel sets for Supermotard conversions and Hare & Hound and GNCC racing, and have had zero issues with these rims. I'm not sure if there was a vendor issue temporarily, and if so then what Koolaid said makes sense. But while I have seen buddies going the less expensive route with Warp 9 and DNA etc, I know I'll have no issues with my wheels when they're having problems with theirs.

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KTM is still using the Giant Excel rims on the EXC's and XC-W's. 

They must have a lot........

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