Throttle cable

I pulled my throttle housing off my bars an when I hooked it back up it now sticks one of my cables when it pulls out it has trouble going back in so I only used the one that works and my throttle is snappy as ever is that a bad idea to only use one of them and if so any ideas on how to get that other cable moving better maybe lube it up some or adjust it?

Did you give clearance at the end of the bars for the throttle tube?

No I did not do you want the throttle body to over hang off the bars a bit? And do you know if only having the one cable hooked up is a bad idea instead of having both it seams to be working fine I even pulled the cover off the side of the carborator

Yes the throttle tube should hang off the bars about 1/8 inch. And the other cable is to make sure it returns. It's there for a reason I wouldn't remove it. While it's apart lube the cables and make sure their not binding anywhere

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