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79 xr500 army style build

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Well I thought I'd post this up, brag a little about my good deal and where its going.. so I got this xr500 from a friend, was gonna take it to a junkyard, I ended up payin him the scrap price and got the complete bike for $35! It was tipped over in the side of his yard with no carb, open to the elements, I could look in the intake and see rust on the intake valves, but they were shut.. hmm, picked it up and it kicked right over.. so I gathered all the small part like the carb from his garage and took it home, replaced the needle in the carb and a new float bowl gasket, $15 my local store had it in stock, poured some gas in and it fired right up! Got new clutch and brake levers, changed the oil and set the valve clearances and went for a ride, what a fun bike! And its really got some balls for its age! At that point I had spent like $80 including the price if the bike.. well now to start the project, as you can see from the pics though it ran, she wasn't the prettiest.. so I hacked off the back, matte black on the whole frame and matte black on the engine, picked up a rusted solo seat off some old 60's Honda for $10, I was going to mount it on a swivel with springs for extra cushion, but that turned out to be very unstable.. so I am very lucky as to have a motorcycle salvage yard close to me with lots of bikes, was able to find some old school fenders in there, rear was off a 60's Honda (same bike from seat) and front was off a 50's British bike, man was it hard to find a metal fender that would wrap around this 21 inch front tire, then I picked up an extra set of headers off some xr bike along with some mystery exhaust that looked kind of cool.. needed to get rid of the big bulky exhaust and wanted dual exhaust under the bike like the army bikes.. just finished welding the exhaust tonight.. looks rough, first time welding, but its holding strong! This new exhaust sounds about the same as stock, which I'm not a huge fan of, so I may drill the holes out at the end larger.. so the goal is to mount the fenders very close to the tire, so they move as the tore moves with the shocks, next I will put a rack over the rear fender to hold stuff and possibly gas cans on the side with a number plate on the front fender, then paint it all green and black with a big white star on the gas tank, I think it'll look cool when its done, this is gonna be a camping/ single track woods bike

The pics are a timeline of the bike to its current state, ill update it as more happens.. Id say I'm making good progress as I only got this bike last weekend :)

On a side note when the engine warms up there's a very loud tapping sound in the head, only when its hot though.. I think its chain slap on the cam chain, I adjusted the cam chain with the engine hot and OFF? Popped both side bolts loose and then retightened? Is that correct, any other ideas?
















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