Chain Lube

Anybody have any experience with various chain lubes. Seems like there are these kinda 'wet' lubes that are an oil/wax

Then there are these other 'dry' lubes. Much cleaner, but I'm not convinced that they work as well

I've always been very happy with Maxima chain wax. Sticks to the chain, doesn't fling off and seems to do a fine job overall.

I bought some Lucas Oil chain lube at O'Reillys awhile ago and it might as well be WD40. Flings off everywhere and doesn't last long. I use it on other parts of the bike and for other non-chain stuff.

Also, keeping your chain and sprockets clean is the key to long life. Type of lube mostly doesn't matter.

Some years ago, one of the motorcycle mags did a test of chain lubes. They set up a row of sprockets with chains turned by an electric motor. They had about seven separate chains, six chain lubes, and WD40. The motor ran the chains at speed constantly, the chains were sprayed with water, one thing and another to simulate real conditions. They were lubed on a schedule. After what was figured to be 10K miles, the chains were measured for wear. As I recall, the lighter viscosity lubes that penetrated better performed better, WD40 came in 4th. There was a lab standard chain, on an eighth sprocket, which was not lubed. The non lubed chain wore out to a much greater extent than any of the lubed chains. So even if you choose WalMart spray lube, you are ahead of not lubing your chain. By the way, these were all non O-ring chains.

Wash bike

Dry bike

Coat chain with WD-40 running bike in gear on stand to displace all water

Fling off excess

Lighting coat chain in Chain wax

Spray brake cleaner to clean up the 'mess'

Marvel at the experience

Sounds like the answer is so long as you lube it, it does not matter

Maxima Crystal Clear Chain Lube works well.  I don't care for chain wax.  Too Gummy.......

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