NFLR vs. JD Red Needle

I'm about to pull the carb off my new to me 09 YZ450F and set the AP timing, add the stiffer AP Spring, an adjustable fuel screw, check the float, and put in the all the jets. I'm debating what needle to try first. I will be running the older smaller diameter header with a FMF Power Core4 exhaust. I'm ride pretty much Sea Level to 3000ft. In the South mostly in Enduro and Harescrambles. I'm a fast B/slow A rider. I'm going to try a 168 Main with a 45 Pilot and 45 Leak since it's getting stupid hot and humid already down here. That is what I run in my 09 WR450F and it runs really good. Now I have the JD Red in the 4th position down on the WR. I'm thinking I'll just try the stock NFLR needle that is already in the YZ, but wonder if the JD Red or some other year stock needle might be a better choice for Enduros. I would like it to be smooth as possible.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Well since I got zero feedback, I went with 168 Main, 45 Pilot, 55 Leak, stock NFLR needle in 4th position from top. Older smaller diameter header and FMF Power Core 4 exhaust. I also installed a stiffer AP spring. Haven't had a chance to ride it yet since I'm STILL waiting on my 18" rear wheel from RAD Manufacturing. (I will never use them again. Told me 2 day turn around and it took them 8 business days from the time they received my hub/rim to ship it back, then charged me $140 for 2 Day Air bc I need it Friday.)

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