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2000 YZ426F - Clutch?

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Ok, so I ended up crashing this bike back in July of 2012 while trail riding in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I hit a tree stump on the side of the road and ejected.....ended up with a severe concussion and a shattered tib/fib in my left leg. Needless to say, the bike has sat until recently while I recovered and saved some funds to fix it.


I knew something was wrong with the clutch when we got the bike. When cold, it would engage smoothly like regular. When hot, it would grab and catch viciously no matter how slow you let the clutch out and jerk very bad. After taking out the clutch, I found that one of the plates spline gears was loose from being pressed in. I was able to buy a whole complete clutch from EBay for $65. I put everything together according to the manual. Everything was checked out, I put new plates and springs in there. When I hooked up the clutch cable to the arm on the case, there is too much slack and the arm moves back and forth with 0 tension. Is there something I missed while putting it back together? Both cables are the same size. I never took that arm out of the other side of the case where the cable connects. Feed back? HELP!!!

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