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LED Tail and Brake lights mod for 1982 XR200R

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I recently broke the stock light on the back of my 1982 XR200R:


20140430_183655_OldLight (Medium).jpg


This had been rigged up with a switch in the Green (ground) line to serve as a brake light.


I only use the bike OHV but I decided to install both a brake and tail light, and to use LEDs.


A recent thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/668321-xr200-headlight/page-2 explains that the 6 VAC alternator will go up to 12 volts if the load is reduced, and that nominally "DC" LEDs will work on AC. But the alternator will go over 12 volts and blow the headlight bulb, so it is good to add a voltage regulator.


I wanted something tough, zero maintenance, and crash resistant. Here is what I came up with, using a piece of mountain bike tire and a sheet of aluminum to hold the lights in a vertical plane:


20140503_182711_HDR_New (Medium).jpg

20140503_182641_HDR_New2 (Medium).jpg


I know exactly what you are thinking... one should not make such bold fashion statements on a working trail bike. All the major fashion houses have called ;) 


The LEDs are Blazer C12586R 2" Sealed Mini Clearance Lights. About $6 each at Wal-Mart.


For other wiring details see the post above.


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