James Stewart

First let me say James Stewart is a great rider. Now, What the hell is he doing racing the west coast when he is from the east coast. This is my belief. The west coast is alot easier than than the east coast and they sent he there so he could win his first year. If he raced the east coast he would have to race against people like Brown, Lanston, and Ward. That is a very fast group. If he is so great why are they protecting him? My only problem with this is, all you hear about is Stewart and how great he is. Well, if he is so great, put him in with the great riders and past champions. What are your opions on this?

Never thought about it, but I guess you have a point.

The Kawi "Factory" race team does not have 2 people riding 125's. Only one. Also, I beleive Langston was suppossed to ride the west coast but he didn't heal in time from his shoulder surgery. From what has happenned in the past, some riders start out in the west coast and if they get hurt, they switch to east coast. I don't know what the rule is about how many races can you race in the west to not be elegible for the east. If I was Kawi, i would have him do both but that won't happen, they don't want him to point out to quickly. Also, I am sure they want to protect Stewart's image and bring him along at a pace where he won't kill himself by pushing. One more thing, Brown and Langston are not supercross specialists, they excell out doors not in. It was kinda of weird watching Fonseca smoke brown at anaheim 1.

Just my $.02


Have you ever seen bubba ride? That freakin kid rips! Kawasaki isnt "protecting" I dont believe. Its just that the west coast gets more attention, and Kawasaki wants to sell motorcycles, more than ever given the current corporate standing. In other words Kawasaki is on the ropes and they need as much exposure as they can get. Personally, I think bubba is gonna rule motocross for a long time to come. He's smart, fast and doesnt give up. Just my $.02.

Originally posted by candlkirk:

What is he doing racing the west coast when he is from the east coast.

I'm not totally sure what the requirements are for racing West vs East. I thought (maybe I'm still living in yesteryear) that you were supposed to race in the area that you are from. Well, during the last few years that has not proven to be true.

This year Greg Schnell, who is from So. Cal., is

racing the east. Bubba, who is from Florida, is racing the west. The only thing I really care about is watching these 125's race. I like a good show and so far Bubba has filled that. The east should be interesting, there is going to be alot of talent lining up for a main event.


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Who knows what the strategy is behind him riding here in the west. I see the wisdom in putting him in an easier series (assuming the west is the "easier" series for a moment). If you look back at the great fighters, take Sugar Ray Leonard for example, he fought the champion of every no name place you can think of before his trainers put him against a worthy opponent. They built him up psychologically as well a physically. By the time he was turned loose on the legitimate fighters he was ready mentally.

Now, take a 16 year old kid and develope his mental prowess to match his natural talents and you've created a very lethal athlete.

Question: Who in motocross do you think is weak mentally? My picks are LaRocco, Lusk, Roncada, Windham. They're excellent riders but, they can't get to the podium (Windham did well in the outdoors and was on the podium, execption noted).

Hey Thumpy, just thought that you might want to know that Larocco has 2 podiums already this year. He is riding strong and will probably have no problem winning a few SX mains, and some nationals without a problem.

LaRocco weak mentally? No way, he is as tough as they come. How much older is he than Jeremy? And how well is he doing?

I think Windham is the weakest mentally. Many experts in the sport say K-Dub has more natural talent than anyone out there and if you watch him ride (especially outdoors) you'll see how smooth he is, the bike just kind of flows so smoothly that it looks like ballet. However the results aren't there the majority of the time. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Emig a few months ago and talked with him for about a half hour and one of the things we talked about was Windham. He said that Windham had asked him about losing focus and losing interest, this was in the middle of last year's outdoor series. Emig said he then started trying to motivate him because he believed Windham was so incredibly talented and then he starting doing better, that's when he had his really strong run in the last few races of last season.

I think he's still honing his skills, He has alot of heart and came up on SC RACE 2...well see what happens at Anahiem #2 Ill be There!

I dont' know if Kawasaki put stewart in the west because it would be easier or not, but I must say that thier isn't a lot of competition in the west this year.

Stewart will win the west hands down, no question. Only an injury could stop him. With his talent and hard work, I think he deserves to win.

As I said the west seems to be weaker this year, but you can't knock the kid for that. I'm sure others have won championships in years when talent was sub-par.

After seeing Stewart's heart and soul at Anaheim 1, I'm a fan. I think Bubba wanted to get to the pro-ranks as soon as he could! The east coast races are another month or so away. Remember 16? There's very little patience for a 16 year old. Another side benefit is that he is now, after SanDiego, the youngest rider to win a SX main. The possible record could have been a motovator too. GO AND GOOD LUCK JAMES!!! :):D:D:D:D

I agree with you guys that LaRocco is tough, he's physically tough. He didn't have the mental fortitude to dig deep enough to knock off MC or RC for many years now. Ya, he's been on the podium in the past but, when was his last win? Of all the podiums he's had, how many were wins? I'm a big LaRocco fan so don't get me wrong. He just hasn't been able to win and that's where I'm drawing the line in the sand. For a while he was saying that the Honda was the "best" machine out there and if he could only get a Honda ride he'd then start winning. Well, he's been on that Honda for a while now and still no wins. Then along comes RC and immediately he smokes everyone at Vegas first time out.

I'll tell ya, I'd love to see LaRocco, Windham, Ferry, MC, RC, all win a couple each and let it go to the wire to see who takes it. That would make for a spectacular season.

I don't know what has happend to LaRocco this year but, he's on fire and might make a lier out of me yet. I'd love to have you all say I told you so. We'll see....

LaRocco is only 9 months older than McGrath. I think LaRocco is very complete as a rider - great skill, smart rider and tough as they come. I think everyone expects more from McGrath because he's been soooo dominant over the last nine or so years. I do look for McGrath to get his act together and start winning a few.

As for Bubba, he's just the man! He can twist that throttle better than most in the 125 class - east or west. I've heard that he's a far better outdoor rider than SX, so it'll be great watching him battle Langston & Brown this summer.

Thumpy you need to go look at your results page again for Larocco. That guy is on the podium almost every weekend! It may not be the top spot, but he's up there. Now in Windam's case, the mental part is crucial. If Windam ever got his demons sorted, it wouldnt even be fun to watch! He's just run away with everything. Typically in practice he posts the quickest times almost everywhere, but when the gate drops, so do his lap times. Personally, I think Chad Reed is someone to watch. Its gonna be a good year baby!

I agree with you Shawn about Reed. He is rocking and I understand he is running the 125 east. He may upset the whole thing. Watch Byrne as well.

Hey leave "Bubba" Stewart alone, don't salt shake him; he is just riding where he is told to. It really doesn't matter which coast he rides his will still be one of the top players in his class as far as that goes. No one is talking smack about Mike Brown, he is riding the West Coast 250 ad then he will switch to the East Coast 125 and hell he is from Tennessee(just down the road frm me actually)...


Stewart is the next "Ron Lechien" of MX, like Ronnie, he has an incredible amount of natural talent, it is amazing to watch him work the bike. Too bad Ronnie took the wrong path and ruined his MX career...

But Stewart, he is carrying not only the pressure of being a 16 year old phenm, he is also carrying the burden of being the first black to be a dominant MX rider on a Pro level, there was one or two others, but things never worked out, support fell through, etc.

This is the first kid in a long time to absolutely tear it up in his first pro races, even RC got whooped on a bit before he was able to dominate. Being black has the added pressure for Stewart, personally, I think color does not matter, the kid can flat out haul ass, and I for one, am hoping to see him win the title. Langston and Brown are not just going to lay down and let him walk away though, I think he will be fast outdoors, but I would like to see him take it easy and ride to his capabilities, but don't get hurt, we need more longetivity in this sport, MC and Larocco come to mind, we need people like these guys to bring MX into a more favorable light, people see them, remember the names, and then can track them for years...

YZF 322 There is no west coast 250 class. 125 are the only ones that have east and west.As for James he is smooth as they come but he is putting alot of other guys down or stopping them with his bloock passing. It well catch-up with him. LaRocco is great and has a good shot at the title.

Sorry Wendel your right about the 250's my bad,i dont think he is putting guy out wit his block passing techniques,for instance look at Grant Langtson and Mike Brown at the outdoor nationals last year you see what Langston done to Bobby Bonds......

He has a lot to learn he is still young.

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