Front fork seal leaking

My front fork is leaking I have never changed a fork seal before was wondering if it is something I need to be worried about right now and needs to be fixed before I ride and how bad are they to change and what might I be looking at money wise thank you all

is it weeping or leaking? if I have a weeping (losing a little oil) fork seal I will use a seal doctor to clean the sealing surface, if its leaking (a lot of oil) it time to replace. rocky mountain atv mc has a good vid if you are gonna tackle this yourself

It's barley leaking what's good to use to re seal it?

You probably need new seals and wipers. It is fairly easy if you are mechanically inclined. There are plenty of YouTube videos that cover it. Yamaha makes a great manual. There is a bushing kit available too if those are shot too.

Thank you all ure all a huge help I have had so many questions in the last few days and all have had answers and solutions thumper talk fackin rules!

if its only weeping I would use a seal doctor or seal mate to clean them. cheap, simple, and doesn't take any time at all, couple of minutes at best.

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