Transmission innards

Got a 2000 YZ 426 with a chain-induced crack by the clutch actuator.  Can't get it stopped with JB Weld so I bought a pair of used cases. The manual says, after taking it down to just the cases, that the right case will come off without a puller, then remove the innards and push the crank out of the left case.  The removal and installation of all those innards has me nervous.  Would it be wrong, once the right case is off, to place the new right case on the assembly, turn it onto the right side, pull the left case off the crank and install the new left case? 

You can do it that way. That would probably be the easiest way to do it.

Thanks, Jojo.

Generally, I pull the left side off and leave everything including the trans in the right side.  Going back together, I put the whole works back in the right, then add the left.  You can work the strategy you're talking about, though. 


If you have a reliably temperature controlled heat source like an oven, heat the left case at no more than 250 ℉ for 15-120 minutes and it will drop right into place. 

Thanks, Grayracer. I was hoping you would chime in.

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