2002 WR426F Wont Start

I hope this the correct section, I have a 2002 wr426f dirtbike (my first bike ever, havent even got the chance to ride it yet even though my father has twice) which after 3 hours of trying to kickstart just wont freaking start. We hear pops every once in a while, while we are using the red hot start button. We took the bike apart and checked to see if there any noticeable problems with the spark plug or anything else. We noticed that the plug that insulates the line going to the spark plug, had sustained damage and we use super glue and electrical tape to help stop that problem in case it was a contributing factor. Also the night before I accident left the fuel switch to On. So as im sure you can guess there was a gasoline leak all night for about 14-18 hours in my shed, thank god no sparks happened. But that lead me and my father (the latter is the mechanical genius of us two.) To think it had something to do with the Float. Any suggestions on what the issue might pertain to? 

I've got the same bike put the hot cam in it , you'll love it much easier to start

Sounds like you are flooding it. I would like to say they are easy starters but they aren't. Once you learn how she wants to be started 1st to 2nd kick

Service the carb, top to bottom


Adjust the valves for correct clearance

Replace any damaged high tension leads

Clean the harness connections

Clear the stator of any stray ferrous metal particles


No point in just kicking it for three hours.


It's either going to start in a few kicks, or it's not.


I still don't know how to link from this tablet, but like the koolaid says get to know your carb. Yamaha site, bikebandit, rocky mountain all have diagrams. Tear it down get everything surgically clean. I'd get all new jets, and a needle and seat valve. Make SURE the fuel shut off on the tank works. Replace that too, if it leaks.

I just got the same bike, and while the previous owner managed to start it, there was NO WAY it was going to go a month later when I got it home. Now I know what makes the carb tick, and what state everything is in.


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