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Smokey startup

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Hey guys have a question about an xr600r from 1997

Got it for a steal and cleaned it up and got it running. Always smoked a tiny bit on start up but this morning it was bad. Like smoke screen bad. Before I bought it I was told the valve guides were replaced about 5 years ago but then the bike sat all those 5 years. When I got it I replaced the oil and filter and fuel and cleaned the carb and it started right up on the 5th kick. Puffed a little then went away in about 30 seconds. Ever since it smoked for maybe 10 seconds only on cold start. Hot start it's fine. Yesterday I changed the oil from 5/40 to 20/50 cause it's getting hot here in Southern California. Started it this morning and puked smoke for about a whole minute. After about a block of riding it the smoke was completely gone. Just kicked it over and it smoked out the warehouse I work at. Is this the valve guide seals? Or should I try a thinner oil again? How hard is it to replace the seals? I've been told it's maybe a 2 hour job if you're mechanically minded, which I am. Just never worked on an xr600 before, haha. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated since I'm such a total noob to this bike. Only had it about two months.

Thanks guys.

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