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kx250 flooding itself

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Alright, so i finished my rebuild on my 94 kx250, started for the first time and went to break it, and everything ran perfect. noticed it needed a new throttle cable, so the bike sat for a week and a half while the new one came in, put it on once it came in and started it and I'm assuming the cable and idle were not set up right so when i started it the engine rev'd up a lot so i hit the kill switch, but now when i go to start it, it will run for 3 or 4 seconds, then when you try to give it any gas it will die. i checked the plug multiple times after this is happening, and it seems to be flooded. so i checked the jets, and the main jet is a 45, which is said to be stock, the needle clip is in the middle which is also stock, but the pilot jet is a 148, but the stock is 165. i was also wondering if it is the mixture of my gas. i have tried it with both the choke on and off and still get the same result. so if anyone has any advice please let me know!! 

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