Isn’t this the most beautiful bike in the world?

Ok, I know it's a road bike (Benelli Tornado 900) but dammmmm, this is one good looking machine!

I got these pictures form a>Motorcycle Encyclopaedia Site< it has over 6821 different motorcycles(101 Brands) with specs, pictures and rider comments.




(tongue hanging out and drooling)

what size engine is in that???

XRRacer - It has:

<font color="yellow">

<ul type="square">[*]Displacement of 898.00 cc[*]Engine type in-line 3 ( 3 cylinder)[*]4-stroke[*]140 HP @ 11500 rpm[*]95 NM torque @ 8800 rpm

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I prefer this...





I prefer either one of these.......



or for real HP/lbs!!!!!!


I have to say ........this is the most invigorating bike I have EVER riden!

178.5HP at the rear tire on a dyno at 5000' elevation!

Stock it was 156HP.

K&N filter

aftermarket Power commander

Ti pipe/Header

Simply incredible.

My friend also has an ignition advancer that he hasn't installe d yet but should be good for another Pony or 2!!

He upped the gearing and is now at 83mph in 1st!!!

I was in 3rd accelerating at 105 and was only around the 9.5k - 10k mark!!!!

(on a closed course ..........of course!!!)

Wow! :):D

Thumpin’ – I envy you, 178.5 HP on tap, I don’t think that many people can say that they have ridden on two wheels with soooo much power ukliam3.gif

I can only imagine how that baby acceleratesscatter.gif

MotoGreg - That matt black MV looks awesome shocked.gif

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And I prefer this to all those phat diesels. Power to weight ratio this baby eats them all hands down.


1999 WR400

1986 RG500

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If we are talking Beautiful (SEXY) then the Agusta's pipes have to be what gets my motor running. The greaseburner would be fun.

Leno takes a lot of cool stuff up there, he lives near there in the Hollywood hills. He has a little red single seater carbon fiber car with a Yamaha R1 engine.

A couple of weekends ago I was up at the Rock Store (So.Cal) and saw Jay Leno on his

Y2K bike. This thing was awesome! Turbine powered and was told ~300hp. It sounded like a rocket car when it took off. It didn't look like much of a canyon racer but the coolness factor was off the scale! :)

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