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2008 yz450f Popping

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Hello, my name is Ryan. As you may know I am new to this forum as well as the dirtbike world. Alittle past on my is, Im 19 years old have had quads and sleds my entire life. Decided my old quadracer was just becoming alittle un-trust worthy so I picked up a 2008 450. 

History of bike

  1. New fork seals and fork fluid
  2. Two sets of new plastics
  3. Two knew tires
  4. Full Skidplate
  5. Aluminum Radiator
  6. Radiator protectors
  7. full fmf Exhaust
  8. Gpr adjustable stabalizer
  9. fresh oil change
  10. new filter
  11. new chain and rear sproket
  12. 19.9 hours on the machine

Now i want your honest opinion if this sounds like a good bike for $3200. (thanks)

Next to the main issue. The previous owner had just installed a fuel mixture screw due to a previous race and the bike not running just right. Well, he did this over winter and never adjusted it so, since I just got it yesterday I started to mess with it today after work and school. I followed the erections (tighten it all the way, back off 1 1/2 turns and then 1/4 turn until it gets better) and still popping when off the throttle (engine braking) but if I grab the clutch its ok. Take off it is ok and has no hesitation.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. I just dont want to have to rebuild another 450 (yfz..)

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Maybe you should have followed the directions instead of an erection. "I followed the erections (tighten it all the way, back o"   :lol: 

Sounds like a lean pilot to me. Do a search its been covered a bunch. 

Good luck

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It's a lean condition caused by one or more of the folowing:


- improper fuel screw adjustment ; adjust for max idle

- missing or worn fuel screw oring

- missing or leaking exhaust header crush washer

- leaking or corroded or hot start plunger

- partially clogged pilot jet or passage above pilot

- muffler in need of re packing


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