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Polaris trailboss 325 timing issues?

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I recently had my gramps polaris 325 die while airating the lawn. I assume it overheated because the oil cooler fan doesn't work, and I could smell the belt smoking. Ok, so I toggled the cooling fan and it works. It's getting spark, and it's getting fuel. I pulled the carb and shot it with starting fluid, and it shot a small flame out of the intake then sputtered to silence.

Could the valve clearance be so far tight that it's causing this? I pulled the lid to expose the cam and valves, everything seems to be tip top. Cam chain is tight, everything super clean. I am going to try to get tdc, then adjust them to .006 like it calls for. If (like a friend said) it has "jumped time" how do I remedy it? Any help and advise is greatly appreciated!

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