GYTR Power Tuner error message help needed

Hi All,


I can not get my GYTR Power Tuner to work, all actions result with an Error message "can not connect to ECU"


Tried changing batteries, checking concoctions etc. but it will not work. I did bought it second hand but it looks brand new.


Any ideas?




Thanks all in advance!




Edited by Oran

Are you plugging it into the bike while the tuner and bike are both off? Plug it in then turn on bike

Tried tuner off+bike off, tuner on+bike off, tuner off+bike on etc etc. and same error always comes. 


I can change maps when the unit is disconnected no problem, it just does not want to talk to the ECU... do i need to change stock with a GYTR ECU?

The stock ecu can't be adjusted. Need gytr ecu to change maps

That was an easy fix....  :banghead:

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