Idle adjustment

I have a 07 yz450f and it's idling way high anyone know were exactly the idle adjustment is on the carb?

It will be the largest obvious screw might have a knerled outer head to make it easy to adjust with your fingers, turn it in to raise idle, with a spring on it from memory, not the small one.

The large slotted screw in this picture, above the red circle:


Be sure you check the throttle cables to make sure they are not hanging up on something and changing the idle as you turn the bars.



Wouldn't a stuck open hot start cause way high idle also.?.

Is that hot start pretty important to use?

Wouldn't a stuck open hot start cause way high idle also.?.


That has been my experience. Happened to a buddy of mine last sat. The hotstart was stuck partially open and the idle was high. He pulled the hotstart from the carb, cleaned it and the idle went back down. May be worth checking....

I use the hot start frequently once bike is warm. Pull it, kick, release it, fires right up.

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