$165 tire deal???

hey guys,

i saw a while back somebody advertising 2 rear and 1 front tires for $165,could anyone who remembers forward the info, my 426 eats tires!!!


tim in ca...

Hey screamin426

Go to rockymountainmc.com or look in any Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider magazine for Rocky Mountain MC. You can get two tires shipped for less than $130. I get Bridgestone tires from them all the time.


Actually, I just re-read your post where it says "two rears and a front". Hmmmmm

You'll still be right around $170 from Rockymountain even with 2 rears and 1 front, depending upon what type of tire you buy.

Sorry for the confusion.


post this question on the 250f side, it was someone over there, that had the source.


I believe the guy you are looking for is named Jim from Smackovermotorsports.com Give him a try, I think that is the deal he was/is offering.

fershy :)

thats the man! thanks fershy...

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