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01 polaris xplorer stock jetting help please

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Hey im looking at an 00 xplorer 250 for a guy. He got it cheap due to it being blown up and sitting for years. It really doent run very well. You have to feather it off idle, he also complains of it flooding out very easily. It has a new top end in it also. Im going to start tearing into it and was hoping someone could give the stock main and pilot jet size as well as the stock needle clip position as i think i need to return it to as stock as possible and go from there. They claim the carbs been recently rebuilt so i figure thats where to start.

Edit: i believe it may be an 00 and not an 01

Edit 2: finally got unlazy and called the polaris dealer. For anyone else who wants to know the stock main is a #130 and the stock pilot is a #40 but i still dont know the stock needle clip position

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