Pics of new triple clamp. FBN Racing in San Jose

Here is the new triple clamp I installed. They have rubber inserts (not installed) and other heights available. Fit really nice. Also attached pic of bike. side.jpgbike.jpg

Cool blue color and adjustable front/back position. Nice! :)

Very very nice. Post more pics of the bike (close up). :D:)

Will do tomorrow, I have brake line and levers coming in the morning.

Do they have a website?

They say it is coming. I do have an email address.

BTW took it out yesterday. Everything felt spot on. Jetting 168 mj, 48pj, and 1 3/4 on screw. Red needle 4th position. Ran great. Think I need to set my idle though. Died a few times coming to a stop. Some of the other bikes seemed to idle higher.

Triple clamp, brake parts and lines worked great.

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