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Blazer LED tail light stays on dim

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Hello! I recently purchased myself a 2004 DRZ-400S. I have tried searching and found nothing relating to a DRZ . The previous owner installed a few things to the bike such as LED tail lights and turn signals. Today after giving it a very in depth cleaning I noticed that the center LED Blazer taillight/running light stays on even when the key is removed. It is very dim, you would not notice it during the day. I'm not too sure if it has been like that for the 5 days I've owned the bike, or if I did something while cleaning it. When the key is turned it lights up normally. I unmounted the light and unwrapped the wiring harness but found nothing. Everything looks good, maybe a bit of moisture that I'm letting air out. I will have access to a voltmeter tomorrow.


After some research I found that certain LED lights require very little power to operate, and there might just be a small current in the wires keeping it going. Is this normal? What I'm wondering is if anyone else has ever had this problem on their DRZ? For cars I read that a resistor would solve the problem, had anyone installed a resistor on DRZ LED taillights? I have disconnected the battery just in case. Any sort of direction is appreciated, electrical is not my strong suit. Thanks.



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