The Slick Rock is calling to us! MOAB in March...

Our trip to Moab this past October was too long ago so we're going again! We're planning on the last weekend in March. March 25th, 26th, and 27th are the dates we'll be riding (this is the weekend AFTER Utah's spring break.)

We have five guys in our group and would love to have more! If you'd like to hook up with us, let me know. Bring your dual-sport!! :)

Oh and the 27th is my birthday! :)

Oh and the 27th is my birthday! :)

Well, we've got a gift for you!!

I going in April. What kind of tires are you going to run? I've had two different recommendations, Dunlop 606s (we'll be riding out to the trails) and Dunlop 739 desert.

I'm really looking forward to it!

I run Kenda Trackmasters front and rear. Hate the front; love the rear. They both held up amazingly well for all the slick rock and pavement we rode but the front won't bite anything in the dirt very well.

Michelin x11 rear with a knobby front is the way to go for Moab! Straight up the walls! :)

Blackie and I have been itching for Moab!! But dual sport? Are you peeps jumping from trail to trail? We can just load our bikes up and meet you at any trail. Let us know.........db

You guys are more than welcome to hook up with us! Dual-sport is preferred because some of the trails are connected with pavement but it wouldn't be too much trouble for you guys to meet us at the trail heads, etc.


I am planning on going the last weekend in Feb. at this time, but maybe March can happen too. :)

How are the fire road trails up high around Mt. Peale in Late Feb. early march. snow? Is all the snow gone by the end of march? Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure where Mt. Peale is but with the heavy snow fall Utah has had this year, I think we'd be hard-pressed to get up too high in elevation in late March. Fortunately, there is still way too much to ride! :)

This looks good better than this Boise Snow :)

I am going out April 1st to April 6th! Conditions should be perfect! :):D :D

Move your visit up a week Indy!!

Move your visit up a week Indy!!

C'mon INDY! We want to ride with DA MAN!! :)

This looks good better than this Boise Snow :D

There's snow in Boise but there's none 30 miles to the south out in the desert. That's where we ride during the winters... :)

Move your visit up a week Indy!!

C'mon INDY! We want to ride with DA MAN!! :)

Hey Indy, if you moved your trip up a week, that'd be just more blue in the group and I'm already out-numbered! :D

That's OK though, I surprised the last group of blue guys I rode with! :D :D

I'm not so sure about that. I've been out there at the end of April for the last 6 years have experienced tons of rain and snow. A month earlier could be a crap shoot.

Have you guys done Moab at this time of the year before?

You really need to ride the San Rafael Swell for a day. It is a little higher in elevation so that could pose more problems.

We were out there the second or third weekend in March last year and it was perfect. It rained for about 15 minutes the first day we were there (Thursday) but after that...nothing. Here's to keepin' the fingers crossed!! :)

The reason I asked is 2 years ago, we went out and went to ride the Swell the end of April and it dumped almost a foot of wet, heavy snow the night before. We went back and rode Moab even though it rained.

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